Corvette Symbol: Meaning and History

Corvette symbol meaning
The Chevrolet Corvette is a car that is a class apart. Launched in 1953, it is now in its seventh generation. This car has seen a lot of change over the years, with better looks and improved performances, each one better than its predecessor. The car soon became synonymous with racing, owing to its powerful engine and excellent control. Along with the changing models and engines, there was one more thing that underwent numerous modifications, and that is the popular Corvette logo. The car is identified with those well-known crossed flags, that contain the Chevy bow-tie symbol, the checkered flag, and the fleur-de-lis. However, did you know that this was not the original logo that was designed for the car? Let’s look at the history of the Corvette symbol.

The Corvette Logo – A Look Back
The Vette’s logo was first designed in 1953 by Chevy’s designer Robert Bartholomew. The original look of the logo was of two crossed flags, the checkered flag and the American flag. The first ever prototype of the Vette was to be introduced to the public in the same year at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. However, the designer had missed one small detail while creating the logo; the National Flag Code passed in the US in the 1940s prohibited the use of the national flag for any advertising or commercial purpose.

As a result of this, the management at Chevrolet decided to alter the logo, just four days prior to the launch. The new Corvette symbol replaced the American flag on the old one with a red flag that contained the legendary Chevrolet bow tie, and a fleur-de-lis. The designers delved into the Louis Chevrolet family history, hoping to find some seal or insignia that they could use. They were unsuccessful in this endeavor, which is why the two symbols mentioned above came to be used in the logo.

What It Stands For
The Corvette logo symbolizes the history and heritage of the Chevrolet company. The bow tie symbol is synonymous with all Chevy cars. It went through some changes over time with respect to its color and size. Its modified looks made it unique to the Corvette.

The fleur-de-lis is a very prominent and significant French symbol. It literally translates to ‘flower of the Lilly’. As the Chevrolet family is of French origin, this symbol was believed to be an apt choice for the logo. The first Vette displayed at the Waldorf had this symbol.

The Different Faces of The Corvette Logo

Very First
White circle with two crossed flag, the checkered and the American flag, with a rim around them. The words ‘Chevrolet’ on top and ‘Corvette’ on the bottom were seen.

Second – 1953 to 1962
Same as the first logo with two crossed flags on a white circle, except for a red flag with the golden bow tie and fleur-de-lis instead of the American flag. It was seen on the 1953 Corvette model.

Third – 1963 to 1967
The white background of the circle was removed here, and the flags were made bigger in length. They went outside the boundary of the circle. Also, the words Chevrolet and Corvette were removed, as the company believed that the car was now identifiable by just the logo. It was seen on the legendary ‘Z06′ race pack model.

Fourth – 1968 to 1982
For this logo, the circle was removed completely, and the flags were slightly more outward sloping. The logo was wider than the previous version. This was seen on the Mako Shark model.

Fifth – 1984 to 1996
There was a significant change in the logo during this time. The flags did not have poles, the circular border was back, the checkered design was shifted to the left, and the red flag displayed only the bow tie. Generation C4 saw this logo.

Sixth – 1997 to 2004
The logo was back to its original design, except that the checkered flag remained on the left and fleur-de-lis was placed besides the bow-tie to the right. The length of the flags was increased, but there was no other change. This was seen in the C5 generation Vette’s.

Seventh – 2005 to 2013
This is the new emblem design, where the flag posts and the circular border have been removed. The flags’ design has been extended downward as the post. Generation C6 had this logo.

Eighth – 2014 onwards
This logo is similar to the previous one, except that the flags have risen higher here. This has given the logo a very modern look. It is seen in the C7 generation Vette’s.

So these were the developments and changes seen in the Corvette logo so far. It is a beautiful car that has become very popular all around, and more so thanks to its logo.